Notflix (aka Waiting for the Call Improv)

The UK's only all-female improvised musical troupe

The Live Comedy Show

‘Notflix’ – the five star, award winning improvised musical comedy show is the perfect entertainment for your function, conference or awards ceremony. The all female cast, (otherwise known as ‘Waiting For The Call Improv‘) use audience suggestions of recently watched films to create a brand new, fully improvised, one-night-only musical inspired by someone else’s idea and explanation.

Notflix also features a live band and they have developed their own original in-house long-form style of musical improvisation, making them one-of-a-kind amongst UK musical and improvisation groups.

Roaringly funny and incredibly talented‘ – Broadway Baby

For more information on the live show, click HERE. 

Corporate Workshops

As well as their hit live show, Notflix also offer corporate training workshops. The cast teach organisations how to think like an improviser and how this can build efficient, high functioning teams in the business environment.

There are 3 workshops involved in ‘Thinking Like An Improviser’ which are written and demonstrated by Notflix’s cast:
1) Yes, And
2) Active Listening
3) Eliminating Fear

This process aims to train teams to communicate more effectively with each other. Learning how to think like an improviser means sharpening your ability to solve problems quickly and being unafraid to generate creative ideas, without fear of judgement.

For more information, pricing structure and available dates, email us here.

NOTFLIX Show Trailer
NOTFLIX Show Trailer