John Robertson

Comedian, Improviser, Games Designer, Anarchist.

John Robertson is a comedian, TV presenter, columnist, multimedia artist and games designer. He has supported Mark Watson, Wayne Brady and Rob Schneider on tour before making his Edinburgh Fringe debut in 2010. As well as cult hit ‘The Dark Room’, he performs solo stand up comedy shows, which are often personal & hard hitting yet hilarious. His show ‘Arena Spectacular’ received the prestigious Amused Moose nomination for Best Comedy Show and received eight 4-5 star reviews.

His 2018 show ‘Sweaty Sexy Party Party’ took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm, receiving nothing less than 5 stars for each review, his own hashtag, audiences carrying on the show in the street after the allotted performance time, and a lot of baked beans. It’s an hour of anarchic stand-up comedy, accompanied by the lusty guitar of gutsy blues musician Dr.Blue.

John has also performed a TedxTalk, performed at events around the world from gaming conventions to anti-suicide fundraisers, hosted 2 years of a TV Video game show and hosted multiple cosplay competitions; all whilst performing stand up, and touring the world with the Dark Room.


WINNER: ThreeWeeks Editors Choice Award
NOMINEE: Best Comedy Show – Perth World 2018

Sweaty, Sexy Party Party will send you out into the night wondering what you’ve been a part of, but aching with laughter.”  Broadway World

“Probably the most chaotic, meaningless, hedonistic evening you can have. You will probably leave a John Robertson show elated, signed up to strange cultish corner of the internet, mildly sexually confused and quite possibly covered in beans.” – Exeunt Magazine

“Mr Robertson is a master of this style of tightly controlled anarchy”  One4Review

“He strides on stage giving precisely zero f*cks”  The Skinny

“John’s show is a rambling, rambunctious, improvised, ADHD thrill ride of a show.” OutInPerth

“Robertson will have you crying with laughter”  The Fourth Wall

“He is loud, chaotic and very funny. This is organised mayhem” – The West Australian

John’s most popular live show, and what he is renowned for is ‘The Dark Room’.
THE DARK ROOM is part comedy show, part choose-your-own-adventure gaming experience. It is a live event based on retro text-based adventure games. With the lights down, John Robertson strides into the room looking like a character straight from a video game. He’s the booming bizarre voice of the Dark Room and worms his way through the audience choosing players and taking no prisoners whilst he does so. He’s harsh, witty and there are nods to 80’s cult references, gaming lingo and occasional undertones of naughtiness. The Dark Room isn’t nasty, or insulting – the humour is cutting and clever and the audience is keen to be a part of it.

For more on The Dark Room, click HERE.


John Robertson Stand Up
John Robertson Stand Up