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And For My Next Trick (with Kevin Quantum)


Kevin Quantum is a magician-scientist hybrid, tutored by Penn & Teller and is a member of the Magic Circle. He is also one third of legendary sketch group ‘The Colour Ham’ (Scottish Comedy Award Nominees) and an award winner at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

After his hugely successful show ‘Illuminations’ at the Gilded Balloon’s Debating Hall last year, Kevin is now activating his silly side with his sketch-comedy-magic performance; ‘And For My Next Trick.’ This is an evening show full of blow-your-mind tricks coupled with hilarious routines.

Kevin will rock your socks off, and you won’t even have to take off your shoes.

Ten years ago, unassuming scientist Kevin paused his PhD in Physics to become a magician. He has thrived as a conjuror, and shoots magic into the 21st Century by illustrating scientific principles so amazing you need to turn to magic to express them live.

 This is his brand new project where comedy, magic, sketch and silliness come together like you’ve never seen before.

“Will take your breath away, hide it and make it appear in someone else’s pocket

Broadway Baby

‘Out of this world’
Adelaide Advertiser

‘The art of deception demonstrated perfectly’ 

Three Weeks