Alistair Williams – I’ve Started So I’m Finished

High quality comedy at breakneck speed. Piccadilly Comedian of the Year Winner

In 2013 Alistair Williams was a successful advertising sales executive with a mortgage, a career path, and an urge to top himself.

He’s a professional comedian now. His leather jacket is the most expensive thing he owns and he’s said goodbye to everything he thought he couldn’t live without. He’s also never been happier.

This is the beginning of the story about a man who will either set the world of stand up comedy on fire. Or die doing what he loves.

A must see show for those looking for straight out laughs‘.

WINNER: Piccadilly Comedian of the Year

★★★★ ‘ A tremendously accomplished fast-paced show’ – Fringe Monkey 

★★★★ ‘ A very entertaining hour in a crowded market place’ – NETheatre Guide