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Aaron Twitchen – Curtain Twitchen

'Positive, fun, feel-good' - ★★★★ Scotsgay

Stand-up comedy in the air-iel.

Curtain Twitchen is an aerial-circus-stand-up fusion show. Mixing friendship, love and wine with jaw-dropping stunts on the aerial silks; Aaron Twitchen creates a gossipy cabaret explosion, and quite literally takes comedy to highs you’ve never seen before. This is an innovative new approach – intimate circus, led by stand-up comedy – and held together, of course, by a pop power soundtrack.

Curtain Twitchen turns circus into a conversation. As a stand up, Aaron is renowned for improvising and being relatable. This means he can very easily present an accessible performance to inspire older audiences to participate in exercises they may believe are out of their reach.

In his opinion, too much comedy focuses on self-depreciation and moaning, so Aaron has worked to create a show that allows people to forget their troubles for an hour. The audiences at this show will leave feeling empowered and hopeful. Drawing on intimate confessions from the audience, and relatable, autobiographical stories about his own life, Aaron has built a positive, uplifting, interactive hour of comedy.


“This has GOT to be the most original show on the Fringe” ★★★★★ Theatre Reviews 

“Curtain Twitchen is a bold endeavour combining comedy and circus, and it pays off” – ★★★★ Grumpy Gay Critic 

“Aerial circus mixed with gossipy stand up comedy works a treat” ★★★★ To Do List

“Positive, fun, feel-good… Probably the best free fringe show I’ve seen” – ★★★★ Scotsgay, Pick of the Fringe

“Hilarious, warm, energetic and capable of busting some awesome moves” The Skinny

Twitchen is wonderful”★★★★ Threeweeks


BBC Comedy (Stand Up)
BBC Comedy (Stand Up)